"Reaching Souls at Home and Around the World!"

At Zoar Baptist Church, we have a mission to fulfill the Great Commission! In Matthew 28:19, Jesus told His disciples to, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations..." We therefore, have a strong emphasis on missions. Below you will find a list of the missionaries, mission boards, and organizations we currently support. Our missions support is made possibly by our Faith Promise Missions Offering, and we hope you will prayerfully consider giving towards this cause.


Jim Kennard - Military International Representative

Roger Blevins - BIMI South America Director

Joseph Leleaux - BIMI Claim

Ed Frampton - IBJM President

Mike Kennedy - Peru

John Humphrey - New Zealand

Michael Frederick - Thailand

Glenn Mathews - Revival Crusade, INC

Jonathan Owens - Bulgaria

David Owens - Guyana

Henry Benach - J.E.M.

Eugene Kozachenko - Ukraine

David McClure - Micronesia

Steve Cook - J.W.M.M

Rolando Muniz - Cuba

John Fulks - Uganda

Nathan Owens - USA Church Planting

John Gossett - Trinidad

Larry Harrison - Mexico

Daniel Canavan - Republic of Ireland

Robert Mickey - Kenya

James Butler - BIMI International Office Director

Robert Heath - BIMI Military Education Coordinator and Relief

Alan Davis - New York

Steve King - 

Tim Jayne - Marietta Bible College

Kyle Sutton - Australia

Nestor Lubuguin - Philippines

Jonathan Reyes - Philippines

Emmanuel Bereso - Philippines

Ronaldo Gutlay - Thailand

Leonardo Malari - Philippines

John Quizon - Philippines

Daniel Ferne - Romania

Ron Peedin - Lithuania



Tri-State Bible College

Marietta Bible College

Ironton City Welfare Mission

Bearing Precious Seed

Samaritan's Purse

Bible Baptist College for Asians